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Project management requires thorough organization in order for the project to come in – on time and on budget.  Delivered materials are checked against material specifications before acceptance of delivery.  Before demolition of any building, reports need to be in hand and understood for proper environmental material removal and structural safety.  Project managers balance the drive for excellence with slippage inherent in human nature.

Prior to the commencement of any steel cutting project a “hot permit ticket” must be issued and in possession and in view at the steel cutting job.  It is important to have a 24-hour fire watch organized to commence after completion of steel cutting.  Protective gear must be worn and fire blankets available for any fire contingency.

It is important to recycle in accordance with environmental rules and regulations consistent with governmental authorities having jurisdiction.  Proper waste removal containers, enclosed or open, must be used for corresponding waste removal processes.

Substance reports need to be in possession and read and understood prior to commencement of asbestos removal.  Cleanliness must be a paramount concern at all times and on the mind of every asbestos abatement crew member during the asbestos removal process.

Public and in some cases private utility locates may need to be carried out prior to commencement of tree and root removal work.  Thought must be given to the effect of tree and root removal on drainage pipes, fences, foundations and other landscaping features e.g. retaining walls.  Experience in knowing the effect of tree and root removal on other trees and roots is important.

Zehr can obtain for you reports, permits, and inspections including compaction and testing reports for any job.

Zehr has an experienced and motivated work force at your service.


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